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 Homeschool or Home School?

 There are two schools (pun intended) of thought here.  "Home School" two words, implies that school is brought into the home;  the rigors and daily schedule with textbooks, tests and standard curriculum are followed.  While "Homeschooled" one word, implies that the child is taught at home, often using non-traditional methods which may include unit studies, self created curriculum or even the 'non-school' approach. 

There is of course, a wide range in between each form of the definition.  If you are still in the 'checking this out' stage,  I encourage you to consider your choice carefully.  It can be a rewarding adventure, but requires a massive commitment of time, emotion and work.  However, with the change in politics and culture, to home school your child is now considered a smart option in our culture and is supported by politicians. Is this good?  Not sure.

The face of home school has changed.  Back in the day, it was strictly a life style choice, usually driven by a strong religious belief system.  Families avoided public places during school hours, they found social and academic outlets through cooperative learning groups, church activities and support groups. Today there are many secular as well as religious reasons families choose to home school.

Elements of violence or academic weakness in local schools, stringent sport or theatrical regime, migrant family life, strong cultural values,  home school can offer choices through charter schools, independent study, and  my personal favorite, traditional homeschool. 

Charter Schools have varying degrees of parental involvement, and effectiveness.  They were developed as a way of supporting home schooling families and providing alternate public school education, as well as keeping those tax dollars within the hands of the state (CA). Itís important to remember that, at least in California,  this is a form of public education and maintains a non-religious influence mandate.   


Whatever the reason you have chosen to educate your children at home, remember to meet ALL of their needs, faith, academic physical and social.  I recently had a conversation with my adult sons who were commenting on the fact that while they have many friends from childhood, they have trouble making new friends.  Not because they are unfriendly, just never learned how.  Of course they work hard to overcome this, but obviously their socialization needs were not met well during our homeschooling years.

We were traditional homeschoolers, all through high school.  We believe strongly that education, in any form, must reveal Gods purpose and hand.  Within this context was a grave responsibility to insure that our kids were well rounded, educated not only in their faith but in Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Politics, World Views, History and the Fine Arts.  While they did have a varied social scene, these were monitored closely. Opportunity to independently create, play, disagree, even fight and  work things out are important skills in life.  

I highly recommend using these two sites for resources and links for all 50 States:


  Home School Legal Defence Association

  Christian Home Educators of California


Both offer a vast resource in school support, resources, and encouragement regardless of your geographical location.  HSLDA offers legal support for a small yearly  retainer and services all the home school community.


CHEA of California offers homeschooling support, information, data and more.  It also has links to support groups in other states.


Best wishes,

Sharon Heimann







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